One Environment for Satellite Business

Manage provisioning, billing, monitoring in a single system across Inmarsat, Globalstar, Iridium, Thuraya, KVH, AST, Stratos, Vizada, SingTel, KDDI and many more. We offer flexible management across user data, inventory as well as assigned services, all from a single uniform interface that enable you to focus on selling satellite communication and building your business.

Activate new packages directly, creating new Partners, Companies, Subscribers, Vessels and Aircraft has never been easier, in just a few simple clicks you can activate services in the underlying satellite networks. Setting up new customers is also simple with our real-time provisioning system that integrates directly with all the major satellite providers.

These advanced functionalities are based on user defined rules and values, thus automating actions that can be managed directly, for example, suspending or throttling bandwidth.

What We Provide

Uniform Satellite Provisioning

Direct connections to all major satellite network operators API interfaces - Inmarsat I4, Iridium, Thuraya, Inmarsat GX, Redknee, Intelsat, Orbcomm.. enable real-time provisioning across the full satellite business.

Integrated 'Real Time' provisioning is an often overseen functionality in the normal satellite business where most players are only looking at billing - but without integrated provisioning that connect directlt to the remote network operators then will real time suspend and resume not be possible linked to traffic monitoring meaning large credit risk is the big issue. Real time provisioning also allow the operators customers to perform end to end operation then self without involving the operator. Unity is basically throgh a single platform connected to all possible satellite network operators..

Notification & Reporting

Work-flow related notifications linked to provisioning, billing, traffic advanced notifications linked to high usage, spending, credit risk analysis, reporting across inventory, revenue or financial measures..

Our notification capabilities are extremly comprehensive - all based on dynamic templates that support basically any outgoing format including HTML / Base64 formated emails, XML/JSON based file notification allowing external platform integration, multi language notification across Japanese, French, Portuguise, Bengali.. All notification templates can be combined with Apache Velosity scripting language allowing highly advanced and dynamic output that adapt to thge situation and allow full integration for internal database values like MSISDN, Usage level etc..

Prepaid & Voucher Platform

Unity are equipped with an integrated prepaid platform as well as integrated voucher management system allowing the operator to build and offer own prepaid services. Unity prepaid environment is also connected and integrated directly with all the major prepaid systems on the market across Inmarsat BGAN prepaid, Inmarsat GSPS prepaid, Iridium Standard prepaid, Iridium Certus prepaid, Thuraya prepaid - this integration offer integrated prepaid topup, advanced and real time voucher and balance management across all underlaying networks. The operators customers will be able to see all through Unity and perform any action through Unity, receive notifications on low balance, on possible credit expire and similar.

Product Wizard & Catalogue

Unity will be directly connected to the remote satellite network operators sales product catalogues through direct API integration - that allow Unity to automatically to have access to the products that is offered to the operator, this can be Inmarsat GX sales catalogue, Iridium, Inmarsat I4.

This allow Unity to offer an integrated Package Wizard that can build new products in a very simple and easy way with drop down boxes that allow the operators super user to build new products using drop down boxes - Their is access to build more than 2800 different of the shelf satellite products directly from selecting across the many products offered across all the major satellite network operators.

When a new product have been build then can the operator manage the access through the integrated three level product catalogue, here can packages be made available for internal staff of for specific partners - and this will it be possible for the partner to directly perform own real time provisioning end to end.

Convergent Satellite Billing

Unity offer one of the best performing satellite airtime billing platforms on the market - a platform used by most of the biggest companies linked to the the capabilities, functionality, scalability, security as well as the redundant architecture it is implement with. CDR files are collected/splitted from basically all major satellite operators and resellers on the market; Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya, Intelsat, AST, SatcomGlobal, Globecomm and SingTel... Their traffic CDR formats get mediated into our internal Singleview format, a format used by almost all major telco today including Inmarsat. All rating are done in real time with all the many benefits that this is bringing and not in end of month batch run, our rating handle 'any' combination of products and pricing across postpaid, prepaid, groups, sub groups, floating fee, fixed fees, prorating, common shared billing rules, minimun commitment, minimum usage, in bundle pricing, out of bundle pricing, allowance across messaging, streaming, voice, data, product upgrade/downgrade logic....

Satellite Invoicing & Reporting

Invoicing offer a long range of options, all invoices are template based - select one of the many ready to go invoice templates, or easily build a new invoice template through our integrated wizard. Unity support language specific invoices, currency specific rating end to end, integrated taxation logic with example API lookup on street level like used in USA. Manage in an easy way billing periods, invoice generation, dialling plans linked to voice calls, even plans linked to services and rating plans using drag & drop.
Invoices can be made available through secure email links, directly in the self care portal, or can be send to internal printing through print manager, or be exported to external print house. Unity offer a highly flexible invoicing process and also allow integrated split invoiving with seperate invoices for hardware, or for installation, or for services. Overview invoices can be combined with Invoice reports that show all details from rated traffic ascroos subscription fees..

Self-care for all users

We offer two main interfaces; a front-end for partners, customers and an operator dashboard for the operator, these interfaces are designed to be extremly intuitive and offer more useful functionality than any competitive product.

Any level of customers across partner, company or subscriber can login and gain access to perform the actions permitted by the operator, it can be handling own traffic monitoring, generate traffic reports, activate simcards with permitted offered products, access real time traffic, manage own remote terminals, perform troubleshooting. All self care is offered through white lable portal interfaces, meaning the operator can build a dedicated portal for larger partners or for specific customer projects - all in multi language setup.

Complete Satellite Portal

Unity include all needed to operate a complete satellite business - web site, support site, provisioning / self care portal, billing and monitoring platform, sales workflow module, integration to financial systems and where needed a complete POP environment.

No other provider offer a complete business setup - most deliver parts of the needed elements - here will it be possible to start the business immidiatly - as a new satellite operator will it be possible to directly connect Unity to other Unity operators and gain real time access to provisioning and billing as if being connected directly into Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya, Intelsat, Eutelsat, SES or similar. Unity is Satellite Connectivity Made Easy..

Real Time Traffic Monitoring

Unity process satellite traffic data in real-time, enabling advanced monitoring across spending levels and usage levels and allows our system to display a highly visual presentation of your activities across postpaid, prepaid, group packages and more.

Our monitoring capability is extremly advanced - Spending monitoring can be performed on partner level, on subscriber level as well as on package level + group level - this can automatically suspend a given package, or part of the package - customer can manage own spending control as well as operator can manage own spending control..

Usage control is only applied on package level - where a swift range of monitoring can be performed, in speps, when allowance is used, when a given trigger have been hit as some samples - it also contain temporary monitoring, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly as well as yearly - monitoring for abnormal traffic patterns and most more..

One API to Satellite Business

Mobilware is the only product on the market that delivers a single web service API that is JSON based, through this interface all satellite services across operators can be managed. Basically a single API to the Sky - this allow the operator to integrate own portals or platform directly gaining access to Inmarsat I4, GX, Iridium, Eutelsat, Orbcom, Intelsat ... This API interface can also be integrated to external partners environments - directly offering them real time access to their own data.

Cloud based across the World

Today are we offering world wide break out through our 16 Private cloud locations, implemented in military grade secure environments (ISO 27001) - These environment offer full redundancy and is extremly scalable.

Inmarsat POP Environment

Complete range of POP environments for Inmarsat I4 as well as Inmarsat GX, Iridium, Thuraya, Intelsat, 4G Operator allowing advanced traffic termination, redundant radius servers, managed firewalls - all handled using our POP Manager that offer flexible IP management and customer Firewall self care.

We have expirence in delivering POP environment based on Cisco or Juniper equipment - we do prefeer Juniper linked to the lower price and the higher performance.

We did build the first Inmarsat POP 20 years ago for Cobham, the POP Network Innovation is using today, the last two POP environment have been a major POP for Airbus Defense in France to be used across Inmarsat I4 + GX, Iridium, Thuraya as well as 4G, and the last POP have been for AddValue in New York for the new Inmarsat IDRS services.

Our POP environment is forsure the most inexpensive Inmarsat POP on the market and yet running the biggest operators - the POP are delkivered with a set of standard value added service like example our web accelerator that render all images, compress files on the fly, filter advertisments and similar.

Our POP Manager can also be managing the operators existing POP environment - an example is Navarino that have build their own Juniper based POP environment - but is using our POP Manager to offer advanced POP provisioning and enhanced self care.