Satellite Billing made Easy

Satellite Billing

Unity provide a single billing environment that collect, mediate and rate traffic data from multiple remote sources and uniform the output into a single easy to use interface as well as a single invoice setup.

An environment that offer satellite billing end to end - collect external traffic CDR's and generate internally needed traffic data that often isn't supplied from remote satellite operators like subscription fees, disconnect fees and alike.

Traffic Billing in Real-Time

Traffic CDR's are collected in real time and get processed immidiatly - allowing operator as well as customers to directly follow their satellite consumption across spending, data, messaging, voice and streaming. The ability to perform rating in real time offer a rich set of monitoring capabilities that allow notifications to be generated based on usage and spending, and linked to the fact that provisioning are in integrated part of the environment will this realtime rating also be able to perform auto suspend, data throttling and similar then abnormal usage or spending is taking place.

Integration to our Singapore based software deployment center – that remotely and secure manage all software versioning, deployment versions and allow core software to be maintained in a professional setup

API developer

This environment that allowas developer to get started very fast on integrating to Unity directly – sandbox are offering direct connectivity to the operators environment. And usernames and passwords can be used across GUI as well as API interfaces

Inmarsat Billing

It allows setup of normal daily operator activities like provisioning of users and terminals, allow the operators end customers to get full self-care across offered services in near real time – this environment are managing the layout and design – as well as all role-based authentication. It offer a highly secure setup where all communication are handled across a REST JSON based link.

Inmarsat Billing

User interfaces

All interfaces are based on the lasts technologies, using bootstrap style sheets for easy graphical design, having responsive design that allow the interfaces to automatically adapt to the different browser and terminal interfaces with elegance.

Operator Dashboard Environment

It offers the operator to manage and handle more advanced functionality, like rating plan management, reporting, designing new products and similar.

Backup functionality

It is based on image cloning and incremental database backup periodically

Iridium Billing

(single sign on) across frontend and dashboard for staff members – this SSO can be integrated directly to the operators own platforms to offer end users the feeling of one single environment. Our login and forms are protected for CSRF, optionally with CATCHA, secure cookies, SSL, Brute force protection, enhanced live logging and alarms, password are protected using the strongest one way algorithms and optionally can password expire and validation be applied

Iridium Billing

VSAT Billing

It is periodically scanned with OWASP security scanner to make sure that a secure login is provided for the different services.

Unity API

(Web service based on REST JSON) that allow the operator as well as partners to easily integrate their own platforms directly with our backend functionality, this API provide full provisioning functionality and billing functionality across all the offered satellite services – meaning one single API for all the connected satellite services like Inmarsat I4, Iridium, Inmarsat GX.

Support & Ticketing environment

Unity are delivered with access to our support and ticketing environment that allow the operator to report and log issues related to daily operation – tickets need to be reported in this environment – always.