M2M Satellite Gateway

UnitGate Satellite M2M Gateway

Satellite terminals are getting more and more functionality - demand skilled technical personnel to manage and configure – equipment installed on vessels, airplanes or remote M2M terminals can be costly to maintain and it is important that configuration are getting done in the proper way.

UnitGate are done in close corporation with Cobham – it makes handling of satellite terminal management simple and allow centralized management of most terminals - bootstrap of new terminals, remote terminal management, terminal data assurance grapping, software updating, terminal setting and will also act as a transparent M2M gateway.

Key Features

  • Centralized terminal status across large networks
  • Terminal bootstrap configuration based on profiles
  • Remote Terminal access in a highly secure way
  • Handling software upgrades with centralized UnitGate FTP repository
  • Tracking data usage to and from each single terminal
  • M2M transparent gateway – connect with M2M open source API’s
  • Manage M2M connected equipment as a store and forward
  • Centralized terminal overview with maps and lists
  • Smart connectivity across Inmarsat SMS, Direct IP, 3G/4G and Internet

Inmarsat GX Terminals

With the new Inmarsat GX terminals are UnitGate using direct assurance APIGEE access to statistics and terminal status – where more that 88 measurement points are constantly collected historically – allowing UnitGate to present and analyze data for most optimal outcome.

UnitGate also capture data files directly from the installed GX terminals using the established IP connectivity, allowing more terminal specific data grapping – UnitGate allow full control with initial terminal configuration across BGP, GreyTunnels, IP addresses, SVN’s, Prioritized port setting. On GX terminals do we collect location, altitude, temperature, jitter, latency, CIR up/down and lots of other valuable info.

Terminal Commands

All Inmarsat I4 terminals are coming with a long list of AT commands that are Inmarsat specific, Terminal specific and all the 3GPP commands that allow basically advanced remote handling of a terminal directly from UnitGate - our gateway allow easy and simple management with many terminals at the same time.

M2M Terminal Manager

Management with M2M units placed out in the field need a centralized management setup that in an easy way can manage connectivity, all remote terminals can based on user groups be displayed on a map where states can be displayed to get fast overview. UnitGate will allow automated management, be able to handle controlled software upgrades, be able to control the integrated input and output ports as well as show the status.

Terminal FTP Server

Loading of new software releases to terminals are using UnitGate FTP server to collect the new software version that for the different terminals are available for download – when UnitGate are requesting files from a given terminal like log files will they be transferred to the FTP server.

Remote Terminal Management

UnitGate are equipped with its own Inmarsat SMS gateway that allow SMS commands to be send to remote terminals to request establishment of a data session – IP address of UnitGate need to be added to satellite terminals in advance – SMS gateway can also be used to request location and similar from terminals supporting this command set.

After data session have been established will UnitGate act as a transparent gateway to a given terminal allowing telnet command access, or our GUI will allow management in a simple way by managing single changes or a new profile can be added.

It offer simple and efficient management with hundreds of remote installed terminals across vessels, airplanes and remote installed landbased M2M units like the new Cobham Explorer 540.

Smart Connect

Communicating with satellite units can become expensive if the communication and the connectivity isn’t managed in a smart way – UnitGate have optimized routing it will first try to connect across normal Internet directly to an alternative access to the equipped Ethernet port, then will it in case of Cobham Explorer 540 try across 3G/4G , then SMS/IP across the satellite network – all in a way so that the data traffic is as low as possible.

Terminal Profiles

New terminals can easily be remote configured using our bootstrap functionality – that will be loading and configuring a terminal just out of the box. This can be done directly using GUI or remote terminal access in a highly secure setup.

UnitGate allow configuration of profiles that contain specific setup of a given terminal – it is easy and simple to swap between different profiles allowing example simple and easy management for example expensive streaming services. Profiles can be for specific terminal types, for specific configuration setup and similar.

M2M Gateway

UnitGate are having the most common OpenSource M2M API interfaces added allowing it to act as a gateway between any M2M server and the connected units under satellite M2M units – UnitGate manage security – terminal IP mapping and can if needed be establishing needed data connectivity using SMS IP wakeup.