When we say we put business first, we might be lying. We’re putting users first.

We do that because understanding users’ needs, behaviour and expectations is fundamental to successful business. Put users first and business will follow. We strive to create innovations grounded in the needs, desires and behaviour of humans and the rapidly changing world around them. For over 10 years through techniques ranging from observational analysis, user co-creation, quantitative surveys and contextual studies, our expertise in consumer research is focused on unlocking deep consumer insights and the transformational opportunities that lie within. Failing to bridge the user gap is still the most common reason for market failure.

Designing only for business needs is not our approach, we solve real-life problems for real people. In short, if it’s not for them, it’s not designed by us.


We help the world’s most ambitious companies leapfrog competition by embracing change in the ever evolving satellite business landscape.

Whether the challenges consist of finding disruptive growth opportunities, navigating organizational dynamics, designing the satellite business model, defining the path to market or all of the above, our business expertise ensures design that delivers tangible topline value. Our clients face complex business challenges. They are among the world’s most ambitious companies so that’s no surprise. Not to them and not to us. Our solutions to those challenges are often equally complex in substance. But in their design they seem obvious. As in: obviously the right solution. Business and design belong together. Call it design thinking or business thinking, we’ve realized that the business of design is business.


It takes creativity to apply new technology.

Picking the right technology and crafting it for successful end user experiences and interaction requires deep insights in tech, users and business needs. We leverage the potential of new technologies to take what was once impossible and make it reality. While customer experience ultimately drives competitive advantage, technology is the underlying means by which visionary solutions are created.

Our deep expertise spans a diverse range of software and hardware technologies, which we leverage early on within the innovation process so as to push the limits of ideas, optimize validation and accelerate time-to-market. We basically implement the latest Internet technologies where ever they can make our satellite product better, enabling automated data filling, integrated validation, and interfaces that makes it simple yet powerful for new or advanced users.

Our Approach

Our satellite solutions are build to be used in the real world, we try to make the traditionally complex satellite business less complicated. Connectivity made simple, through solid business work-flow that make it easy for operator, partners as well as end users to perform the daily tasks, allowing the user to focus on their business not at being technical experts.


Keep the workflow simple to understand and use, what can be automated gets automated, what can be done based on previously performed actions get done in the background. Research has shown that simple to use ...... see above. Let's our customers spend their time and energy on areas that can grow their business.

Keep Evolving

Our environment keeps evolving along with the constant changes in the growing satellite business, meaning our operators can depend on state of the art innovation frequent announcments of new system on services, continual improvments and integration. Whenever satellite owners networks enable new capibilities, Mobilware Unity will grow and change accordingly keeping the operator fully up to date and continue to offer a feature rich environment, keeping pace