M2M Satellite Gateway

UnitGate Satellite M2M Gateway

Satellite M2M is a growing business - One of the biggest issues is to manage the remote unmanned equipment as well as making sure that the data usage is under strict control - this is hwre our M2M Satellite Gateway are making the difference .

A Gateway that make M2M communication smarter and more optimized through a range of integrated functionalities like Satellite MQTT broker, M2M Satellite security with end to end encryption, Optimized Big Data capture collecting data from remote dataloggers in a way that keep data usage extremly low. Always online M2M terminals based on integrated Cobham PRISM server.

Directly Remote M2M Terminal management through integrated M2MAPI that offer software swap, free download of terminal log files, remote turning on/off data connections, direct web access to terminal GUI, location tracking...

Inmarsat M2M as well as the new IDP products - Handle real time provisioning, Remote M2M management, Satellite based Data capture into Apache Cassandra - Basically M2M Communication made Simple.

Key Features

  • Centralized M2M terminal provisioning
  • Remote M2M terminal management with M2MAPI
  • Integrated M2M Data management, MQTT, Cassandra, Prism..
  • Terminal software swap, Terminal AT command access, Logfiles..
  • Location Tracking as an integrated element with map platting
  • M2M transparent gateway with MQTT broker
  • MQTT broker authentication with integrated user management API
  • Manage Cobham terminals in always online state through PRISM
  • Smart connectivity across Inmarsat SMS, Direct IP, 3G/4G and Internet
  • Data capture from Dataloggers using Apache Cassandra (Big Data)
  • Data capture from Terminal API interfaces like Inmarsat GX
  • Data capture from APIs into Elasticsearch with Kibana, Grafana as GUI
  • Unity M2M API allow direct Frontend displat or export to external server
  • Standalone Portal for M2M or as integrated part of Unity functionality
  • Instant Data usage and integrated M2M Billing / Reporting / Invoicing

Unitgate M2M Satallite Gateway

Our M2M gateway are build to facilitate easier service delivery for satellite M2M operators - it offer a long range of practically modules like M2M provisioning, M2M Remote Terminal Management, Data MQTT Broker, Data capture with Apache Cassandra, FTP/SFTP storange, Unity M2M API for remote integration, Data logger configurator, Satellite SMS Gateway, M2M Smart Billing, M2M dynamic Frontend envornment that allow operator to build dedicated GUI interfaces for their projects, and most important do Unitgate come with the satellite markets most open interface to allow existing M2M gateways to interact directly and display collected data and example could be Thingsboard.

Satellite MQTT Broker

MQTT protocol was developed back in time by IBM to monitor oil pipes over satellite connections - this protocol setup is extremly bandwidth efficient and very easy to implement. Almost all IoT being developped today do support MQTT and the range of standard products and gateways are very long so we have selected to make the main M2M connectivity open for MQTT.

The implemented Satellite MQTT broker is been added with security in mind and a username and password is needed to access the topics and messages across publish and subscribe - this associated MQTT provisioning is fully managed through our Unity API that allow user management and terminal management directly - MQTT identifier will be the terminal IMSI or serial number to make it easy and transparent in combination with assigned username and password.

Having the satellite M2M connectivity based on MQTT is bringing a long list of advantages - it is bandwidth efficient across expensive satellite connections, it is open and simple to integrate to, their is a comprehensive number of standard MQTT products on the market that easily integrate by subscribing or publishing to our MQTT broker, and example could be using IM`BM Red Node product for graphing and management, Thingsboard as already listed or one of the other hundreds of standard products.

We are offering our own super inexpensive M2M data module that can perform smaret data logging , smart remote monitoring and remote control, through output, input, temperature sensors or similar - a module that is super inexpensive and yet integrated with MQTT as well as the Satellite Terminals AT command set to offer the markets most inexpensive and at the same time most intelligent remote M2M module keeping connectivity cost as low as possible.

Inmarsat GX Gateway

Unitgate are today used to capture remote terminal data from all Inmarsat GX terminals across Maritime, Business Aero, Commercial Aero, Government, Enterprise and similar, Unitgate constantly monitor for active terminals and if active start graffig the 88 assurance metric from eacg single terminal ending up in many Gb of data daily - these captured data are added to Elasticsearch to offer fast search capability and to offer compressed data storage linked to this Big Data getting collected across terminal data like location, altitude, temperature and similar as well as data directly associated to the the many assigned data chanels on a given terminal, keeping track of MIR, CIR, Signal quality, trans mit error and much more.

Captured data can then be analysed or added to grafical display dashboards through Kibana or Grafane - we have also added a dedicated API interface that allow direct integration into own portal environments like example Honeywell Forge Portal, this API also allow our Unity frontend to directly show Assurance metric in nice grafs across QoS, Bandwidth, Traffic up/down, Location plotting, MIR/CIR plotting...

M2M Termninals and Firewall Setting

Where Unity POP environment or our POP Manager have been installed on the operators POP then can all M2M terminal firewalls directly be managed through the GUI, so where special ports is needed incoming or outgoing can this be fully managed and controled by operator as well as customers through their self care environment. When performing provisioning will the operator or partner need to select a firewall profile that handle the initial firewall provisioning - dedicated profiles can be made making this process more streamlined.

IP addresses can as well be managed directly - across a range of options static public/static private/static public/dynamic private/dynamic dedicated vpn IP groups and similar.

M2M Terminal Gateway

Remote M2M Terminal Management

UnitGate have been directly integrated into Inmarsat M2MAPI that allow free remote management across parts that utilize the dedicated free Inmarsat M2M APN.

This API allow a range of functionalities to be performed on the remote located M2M terminals no matter terminal manufactor.

  • Collect Terminal information with location, software version...
  • Manage and update watchdog setting that allow terminal to stay online
  • Manage terminal software - upgrade and downgrad with integrated software validation
  • Collect and store 4 different types of log files from terminal for troubleshooting
  • Turn data session on / off on remote equipment + reveive assigned terminal IP
  • Establish direct web access to terminal admin GUI interface
  • Manage remote terminal storage - read, delete, list..
  • Track terminal online status with integrated warning notification
  • Integrated M2M terminal provisioning end to end
  • Establish data session to access terminal AT command interface

Specially for Conham M2M terminals like Explorer 540 will the integrated PRISM server functionality allow direct interaction with the terminals PRISM functionality allow always on capability using periodically server or terminal ping capability, PRISM server are coming with associated web interface that allow direct access to terminal as well as any commected equipment that normally can be complicated to access.

Cobham Terminals are equipped with 4G capability and will prioritise 4G over satellite connections - the integrated PRISM server will automatically use 4G where possible and clearly indicate if the connection is failing over to the more expensive satellite connectivity

UnitGate Architecture

Unitgate is based on a redundant Unit based platform setup with the code done in solid Enterprise Java where all id developed through our Agile software development process to ensure the highest possible level of security - below is illustrating the integrated functionalkity blocks.

M2M Satellite Gateway

Inmarsat BGAN M2M

Unitgate have offered Inmarsat M2M connectivity from when it was launched back in 2012 - a M2M soolution that is global and offer high bandtwidth compared to any other global M2M solution.

BGAN M2M runs on a stable satellite network that offers high reliability, and which is designed specifically for IP data. It extends the reach of M2M applications to cover infrastructure assets that are remote or geographically dispersed. Its end-to-end capability and its simple integration path complements other M2M services that use terrestrial communications. Ultimately it provides a business with confidence that its entire infrastructure and operations can leverage the benefits of M2M no matter where it is located

Their is many offered Inmarsat M2M Terminals available on the market, some with integrated 4G and with POE for easier installation and all can be remote managed using our Unitgate Remote M2M Terminal manager

Cobham M2M Explorer 540

Inmarsat / Orbcomm IDP

Unitgate and Inmarsat IDP - IsatData Pro is the fastest low-data rate satellite communications service specifically designed to connect people with equipment and enterprise applications anytime, in the worlds most remote locations. Using the two way Inmarsat satellite network, IsatData Pro operates over geosynchronous satellites in geostationary orbit (GEO), with a robust infrastructure of ground stations located around the globe..

IsatData Pro offers enhanced reliability and the ability to deliver more data than other satellite M2M services in the market. This allows businesses to share more data across diverse operations via email, text message, electronic forms and workflow automation..

Iridium M2M

Iridium offer M2M through their Iridium Edge products including a range of different associated core modules like Iridium 9602. 9603, 9523 as well as their Iridium Certus IoT and SBD on top of existing terminals. Iridium M2M is fitting well with transmission of smaller amount of data and offer a lower latency linked to the low orbit satellites compared to Inmarsat.